Public Art of Toronto

Welcome to Public Art of Toronto!

Welcome! I’m glad to see you! I started this blog as a celebration of the fabulous art that can be found on the city streets, in the parks, and in the lobbies of buildings throughout Toronto. We have murals, sculptures, chalk drawings, installations of every kind scattered around the city. They are beautiful, amazing, challenging works.

The trouble is, hardly anyone knows about them. And that is a shame. These are fabulous installations that deserve  an audience. The bigger the audience, the more art we’ll see on Toronto’s streets, along with the social and economic benefits that come with them.

PATO’s aim is to educate people about the art littered in every neighbourhood in the GTA and develop a deeper appreciation for what the city has to offer. I also want to encourage residents to get outside and explore not just their neck of the woods, but the city as a whole. Sure, I want people to experience great art but I also want them to support the coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, everything weird and wonderful that make these neighbourhoods unique.

I have a ton of plans for the site, beyond simply cataloging great art. I hope you’ll strap yourself in and come along for the ride.

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