Justice in a Fallen World

Copyright 2016, Public Art of Toronto. All rights reserved.

Equal Before the Law, 2011
Located: McMurtry Gardens of Justice (361 University Avenue)
Artist: Eldon Garnet
Website: https://eldongarnet.com
Contact: eldongarnet@rogers.com
Copyright 2016, Public Art of Toronto. All rights reserved.

Garnet isn’t only working within the laws of physics on for this piece, but he’s also aware of this sculpture’s location and geometry. Installed in the back courtyard of the garden, the tower of the piece is rotated 60 degrees so that the platform is parallel to the law library located across the lane way. This twist positions the ends of the platform  at 30 degrees to the base of the structure. In fact, all the angles that have been incorporated into the installation are either 60 degrees or 30 degrees, another 2:1 ratio.

It is Garnet’s focus on maintaining these ratios, on the getting the geometry of not only the sculpture but the location right that gives the piece real heft. This reflects the ongoing effort required to ensure that the right to equality before the law is well and truly enshrined. As society continues to evolve to be more inclusive we are always going to have to step back and examine what it means for an individual to be treated objectively before the courts. Garnet is conscious of this reality and it’s reflected in this particular piece. It’s his mindfulness in his treatment that keeps Equal Before the Law from becoming yet another hackneyed statement about human rights.

Hopefully, the lofty members of the Law Society of Upper Canada are paying attention.

The title for this article comes from a quote by Kevin Deyoung: “Justice in a fallen world is not equality of outcome but equal treatment under a fair law.”

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