You can take the farmer off of the farm…

Copyright 2017, Public Art of Toronto. All rights reserved.

The Pasture (Courtyard Cows), 1985
Located: Toronto Dominion Centre Courtyard (66 Wellington Street West)
Artist: Joe Fafard
Copyright 2017, Public Art of Toronto. All rights reserved.

I think sculptor Joe Fafard’s intent with this installation was to remind city dwellers that the urban grind isn’t everything, either economically or spiritually. And it’s been immensely successful.

Fafard’s Pasture is a stress free oasis located in the heart of what is arguably the most stressed out region of the country.

When I worked in the district years ago it always struck me as hilarious to see men in Harry Rosen suits and ties leaning their back against the cows and having a snooze with their Druxy’s sandwich lying forgotten next to them. Well, forgotten by them, not the squirrels.

And that is what good public art does. It invites interaction. Go past the Courtyard Cows at any time of day and you will see children climbing onto them, people picnicking with them, taking selfies, or just walking by and patting them on the head. One Christmas time, someone had placed a Santa hat on each of the heiffers. It was a wimsical sight.


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