Frequently Asked Questions


Sir Winston Churchill, 1977
Located: Nathan Phillips Square
Artist: Oscar Nemon 1906-1985.
Copyright 2016, Public Art Toronto. All rights reserved.

What is Public Art of Toronto?

Public Art of Toronto was conceived as a celebration of all the great public art located in the city of Toronto. Graffiti Alley and the Pan-Am Toronto sign are familiar, highly recognizable attractions , but there is so much more to see and know than that.

I’m going to cover every kind of public art available in Toronto, from massive bronze statues to whimsical chalk drawings. In so doing, I hope to create a visual history of art in public space, encourage the creation of more and different pieces of public art and demonstrate the importance of these installations to the community at large.

Why did you create Public Art of Toronto?

Toronto is a great city to live in. One of the reasons I love it so much is because there so much to see and do regardless of season or mood. One of my favourite pastimes is to go out and do some urban exploration. Walking through a new neighbourhood helps develop an appreciation for the city as a whole and that is something I want to encourage, not just for long-time citizens, but for tourists and newcomers as well.

Another reason is to demonstrate that great art can be found anywhere, not just in museum or in a gallery. We need to challenge the view that the only legitimate art hangs in a gallery or on a collector’s wall.

How can art challenge us if all we see is the same old thing?

Are you a professional photographer?

Nope! Not unless you count one continuing education course. I’m an enthusiastic amateur who loves playing with light and imagery.

Do you take suggestions for posts or photos of installations from other photographers?

I will not accept images from other photographers, but if you know of an installation or artist that you think I should profile, by all means, send it through via email or one of my social media channels. If I decide to include it on the blog, I’ll be sure to give you a shout out.

Do you have any rules regarding the types of installations you will feature?

I will profile work that’s been sponsored by a business, but I will not feature any art advertising a product or service. I will also not feature tags or vandalism.

Will you sell or license your prints?

Not at this time. I don’t know how proceeds would need to be divided between myself and the original artist. I would imagine it would require some negotiations based on each individual request. Until I know more, my answer must remain a reluctant “No.”

I am the original artist of a piece you profiled. You didn’t give me credit. What do I do?


First off, I’m so sorry.  I want to promote artists as much as the art itself, so I always try to find accreditation somewhere on the piece, but I may miss it. I want you to get credit for the work that you do. Also, if I’ve made an error in any of the information included in the post, please let me know. Send me an email to let me know so that I can correct the posting ASAP.