A Cornucopia of Photography

Every month I take hundreds of pictures. I have to make hard choices as to which I’ll include in the article. This means that I have to leave some interesting photos on the cutting room floor.

It seems like a bit of a waste to not share these images, so once a month I’ll publish some of my favourite but unseen photos.

I hope you enjoy them.

Coxwell Mosaic

I’m not big on self portraits. I think I took my first selfie maybe three years ago. However, I just couldn’t help myself when I was visiting the mosaic behind Coxwell Station.

Artist as Subject, 2017

Artist As Subject, 2017
Coxwell Laneway Mosaic Mural by Cristina Delago

Women’s March on Washington

Some of my favorite faces from the Women’s March at Queen’s Park on January 21st. The vibe was amazing and the crowd was so welcoming and grand. It was a great event to take part in.

Tough and Pink,

Tough and Pink, 2017

Though She Be Little, 2017

Though She Be Little, 2017

Another Amazing Ruby, 2017

Another Amazing Ruby, 2017

If A T-Rex Can Do It, 2017

If A T-Rex Can Do It, 2017

Jun Kankeko, Head

Jun Kaneko’s head outside of the Gardiner museum was a joy to shoot. The way the light reflected off the face made it fun and challenging to try and capture. I like this shot because of the juxtaposition of the modern look of the statue and the stately Georgian house in the background, but ultimately, the building was just too in focus for me to be happy with it. If I had just set my aperture a little lower…. *SIGH*

Into Space, 2017

Into Space, 2017


Tembo and her babies were another fun subject to shoot. There’s something about animals wandering around downtown Toronto that makes me laugh out loud. This is a massive, massive statue, and yet, it’s still completely dwarfed by the buildings that surrounded her.

This picture is good, but the angle isn’t quite right. The one I included in the original article is shot from lower down and I think that works better to convey the scale of the statue in her environment.

Dwarfed, 2017

Dwarfed, 2017
Tembo, Mother of Elephants, Derrick Stephan Hudson

Winter Stations, 2017

Winter Stations was a fun event and I really encourage everyone to get out and visit before it’s over. There is a lot to see and if you’re a photographer ample opportunity to take some great shots. And it’s not just the artwork. There is a lot to enjoy at The Beaches in winter.

When we first visited the installation, people were inspired to build little inukshuks up and down the beach. They made for some beautiful scenery and lots of fun for the kids.


They Were Here, 2017

Inukshuk on the Beach, 2017

Inukshuk on the Beach, 2017

I think the BuoyBuoyBuoy installation was my favourite piece to shoot. The way the light played against the installation was mesmerising. I could have stayed all day.

Buoy Me Up, 2017

Buoy Me Up, 2017

I’m not sure who set up these kites at the entrance to Kew Beach, but they were stunning. The way they played against the sky….. I wish I had a beach chair so I could just plop down and watch them. Gorgeous!


Blue on Blue 1, 2017


Blue on Blue 2, 2017

I think it’s safe to say I like the colour blue. It sure seems to be coming up a lot in this series of outtakes. These are some of the bottles that make up the Flotsam and Jetsam installation.


Pretty But Deadly Blue, 2017

As beautiful as it was, it was too darn cold to take a seat.


Abandoned, 2017

If you’ve seen my latest post, Schemes o’ mice an’ men… you know there’s a picture of my feet. Well, these boots are where I should have kept them. Those blue toenails were not an affectation.

Boots Were Also Made for Standing, 2017

Boots Were Also Made for Standing, 2017

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